Colorado Bonsai – Updates to Ginkgo Tree Information and Literati/Bunjin Styles

I have updated the Ginkgo tree information page with brand new tree gallery’s, located under Deciduous Trees. There are some really great photo’s of Ginkgo trees in the gallery. In addition, I have updated the old Literati/Bunjin style gallery photos … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – 2016 Artisans Cup Gallery

New gallery of trees from the 2016 Artisans Cup. These are high quality photos of trees in the show. Jonas Dupuich has provided the thumbnail photos and when clicked a new window will open on Jonas website with a larger … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Huge new Gallery of the famous Denver Botanic Gardens Bonsai Collection

I have made a new gallery of trees from the Denver Botanic Gardens Bonsai collection. There are world class trees in the collection lovingly maintained by Bonsai Specialist/International Bonsai Master Larry Jackel. Now is the time to review some of … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – “Pine Management Theory”

I found a really great 13 part series of really well written Bonsai articles by Greg Cloyd on Pines trees. The Minnesota Bonsai Network has the articles posted on its website. “Pine Management Theory” … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Michael Hegedorn Bonsai Tree Gallery Page

Check out the new Michael Hegedorn Tree Gallery Page I made featuring his world class Bonsai trees. The gallery his listed under his own page in Bonsai Master Artists, under Bonsai Basics. This new page was a challenge to figure … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Meet Michael Hegedorn Role Model International Bonsai Artist and Instructor

Michael Hegedorn is an International known role model Bonsai Master who studied in the United States and finished his Bonsai studies in Japan. Michael is in great demand for Bonsai demos and workshops all across the world. As you can … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Meet Vicki Chamberlain Oregon Bonsai, Kusamono and Ikebana pot artist.

Meet Oregon Vicki Chamberlain from Earthwares a Bonsai, Kusamono and Ikebana pot artist. Vicki produces high quality pots from her studio in California. Vicki primarily sells pots at Bonsai shows on the west coast. She also does mail order custom … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Wow Raffia, Rebar, Turnbuckles and Pulley Techniques all used to bend large Scots Pine branch

Check out this great video by Will Baddeley who is helping to design a Scots Pine Bonsai. They are using a combination of Rebar, Raffia, Turnbuckles and Pulley’s to bend the large branch downward. The video is in 3 parts … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Ginkgo biloba or Maidenhair tree Bonsai

Ginkgo Bonsai trees grow well in the high desert plains of Colorado. Pre-Bonsai trees are able to over winter in gravel bunkers and without any complications. Finished trees should be over wintered in a cold frame such as a garage. … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Collecting Yamadori Bonsai Trees from the wild

Andy Smith from Golden Arrow Bonsai has produced a series of 7 quality videos about collecting wild (Yamadori) trees from the Rocky Mountains. He covers junipers and pine trees. I have listed all 7 videos in the Collecting Trees for … Continue reading →