Accent Plants

Air Layering  Updated 02-05-2017

Annealing Aluminum and Copper Wire  Updated 11-1-2016

Artistic Foundations of Bonsai Design

Back Budding Updated 01-28-2017

Bonsai Apprentice  New 04-30-2017

Bonsai Critiques  Updated 02-5-2017

Bonsai Master Artists  Updated 09-26-2017

Bonsai Security

Branch Bending  Updated 05-09-2017

Carving  Updated 04-30-2017

Case Histories/Progression Photo’s/Video’s  Updated 01-08-2017

Chopping Trees  Updated 05-09-2017

Collecting Trees For Bonsai  Updated 07-19-2017

Critique(s)  Updated 10-19-2017

Cut Paste  New 03-03-2017

Deadwood  Updated 07-09-2017

Developing Deciduous Bonsai Material

Diseases  Updated 05-17-2017

Displaying your Tree  Updated 05-09-2017

Educational Video’s  Updated  07-03-2017  Note: Huge amount of really great video’s to learn from!

Fertilizing  Updated 10-25-2016

Flowering Information  Updated 09-01-2017

Grafting  Updated 04-25-2017

How to Avoid Burned Leaves on Deciduous Bonsai

How To Make Outdoor Stands and Benches  Updated 11-23-2017

How to Repair Broken Pots

How To Select a Bonsai Pot For your Tree

How To Select A Stand For Your Bonsai

Kusamono & Kokedama  New 02-14-2017

Lighting For Indoor Bonsai

Materials For Indoor Bonsai

Monthly Care of Bonsai

Moss Information  Updated 12-08-2016

Muck – Material used to hold Bonsai soil on slabs.

Nursery material  Updated 09-10-2017


Ramification  Updated 07-03-2017


Re-potting  Updated 12-05-2016

Reverse Taper  Updated 08-10-2017


Rules for Bonsai

Sacrificial Branches  Updated 08-10-2017

Soil Information  Updated 11-22-2016

Stands  New 12-04-2016

Stolen Trees New 11-27-2016

Styling (Design)  Updated 08-18-2017

Tools  Updated 02-05-2017

Trunk and Root Development  Updated 01-08-2017

Watering  New 12-25-2016

Wind Protection  Updated 11-22-2016

Winter Care

Wiring and Bending Techniques Updated 07-08-2017