Larry Jackel is the Bonsai Specialist at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Larry maintains all of the Bonsai trees exhibited in the Bonsai Pavilion. Larry is also an excellent instructor of Bonsai.

Take a look at the amazing Denver Botanical Gardens Bonsai Collection maintained by Larry Jackel.  New 12-12-2016

Bonsai in Colorado 2006 #3  by Walter Pall New 11-15-2016

Collecting trip with Larry Jackel  by Todd’s Colorado Bonsai New 11-15-2016

Larry Jackel and Bonsai Collection of Denver Botanic Gardens  by Walter Pall New 11-15-2016 Quote by Walter: “At the Botanic Garden of Denver Larry Jackel, the godfather of bonsai in the Rocky Mountains is cutrator.”

Life Lessons from a Tiny Tree by PlantXing  New 11-15-2016

Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai (Haskill Creek) by Larry Jackel via Stone Lantern   New 11-15-2016 Note: This a great book about Ponderosa Pines written by Larry, a must have if you have Ponderosa Pine Bonsai!

Preparation for Versailles – part 3 by Walter Pall New 11-15-2016

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