Larry Jackel is the Bonsai Specialist/Curator at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Larry maintains all of the Bonsai trees exhibited in the Bonsai Pavilion. Larry is also an excellent instructor of Bonsai.

Take a look at the amazing Denver Botanical Gardens Bonsai Collection maintained by Larry Jackel.  New 12-12-2016

Bonsai in Colorado 2006 #3  by Walter Pall New 11-15-2016

Collecting trip with Larry Jackel  by Todd’s Colorado Bonsai New 11-15-2016

Larry Jackel and Bonsai Collection of Denver Botanic Gardens  by Walter Pall New 11-15-2016 Quote by Walter: “At the Botanic Garden of Denver Larry Jackel, the godfather of bonsai in the Rocky Mountains is cutrator.”

Life Lessons from a Tiny Tree by PlantXing  New 11-15-2016

Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai (Haskill Creek) by Larry Jackel via Stone Lantern   New 11-15-2016 Note: This a great book about Ponderosa Pines written by Larry, a must have if you have Ponderosa Pine Bonsai!

Preparation for Versailles – part 3 by Walter Pall New 11-15-2016

Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society Show & Sale  by Denver Botanic Gardens  New 11-22-2017

Rocky Mountain Bonsai With Larry Jackel By Jerry Meislik  New 11-15-2016