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Andy Rutledge: For Beginners: Trunk Chopping 101 For Deciduous Trees

Amur maple acer tataricum var. ginnala) Flame

Bonsai Empire: Taiga Urushibata Bonsai demo at the WBC   New 05-09-2017 Note: Notice the use of a chainsaw to chop the deadwood back.

Bonsai Focus (Peter Warren): Cutting branches without fear  New 04-30-2017

Bonsai Iligan: Bonsai Tutorials for Beginners: Why and How to Trunk Chop a Ficus New 01-08-2017

Craig Coussins: Styling Mature Maples using cut down material

Ellwood Bonsai: A trip to the nursery for bonsai material part 1, part 2, part 3 Balled and Burlap Trident Maple

John Geanangel: Azalea Spring 2011

John Geanangel: Azalea Update    Neat 3 year transition from being chopped.

John Geanangel: Creating small azalea bonsai from nursery material