Bonsai Deadwood by Francois Jeker by Stone Lantern  New 07-09-2017 Note: This is a very good book on Deadwood. I highly recommend it.

Videos and Articles:

A Study in Deadwood by BonsaiBark  New 07-09-2017

20) Beginners Guide to Bonsai Deadwood – Bonsai Technique Series by Ma-Ke Bonsai  New 12-13-2016

Bjorn Bjorholm styles a Juniper Bonsai at BWB by Bonsai Empire  New 12-16-2016 Note: This juniper had no deadwood on it to start with. Notice how he created the deadwood, very nice.

Bonsai Empire: Taiga Urushibata Bonsai demo at the WBC   New 05-09-2017 Note: Notice the use of a chainsaw to chop the deadwood back.

Graham Potter: Bonsai Deadwood Refinement Techniques  New 12-13-2016

Graham Potter: Bonsai Tree Styling – Yamadori Spruce BonsaNew 12-05-2016

Creating Bonsai from an Olive Tree Stump by Graham Potter 

Creating old grain on very young unbalanced deadwood  by Matt Reel – Reel Bonsai  New 10-25-2016

Deadwood by Matt Reel – Bonsai Prelude

Deadwood and movement by Bonsai Tonight  New 07-09-2017

Deadwood on Bonsai by Minnesota Bonsai Network  New 07-09–2017

Creating Deadwood for Bonsai by Hand by Bonsai4me  New 07-09-2017

Creating Deadwood for Bonsai by Hand Part Two by Bonsai4me  New 07-09-2017 Note: This a different article then the one above.

Deadwood on Bonsai by Bonsai Empire  New 07-09-2017

Jin & Shari #3: The Three Types of Deadwood by BonsaiBark  New 07-09-2017

Jins are Rarely Pointed… by Michael Hegedorn  New 11-23-2017

Harry Harrington: Privet Bonsai Carving Video, Using Ordinary Material for Bonsai New 04-23-2017

Preserving Bonsai Deadwood by Graham Potter – Kaizen Bonsai  New 07-09-2017

Refinement carving on a buttonwood by  Adams Art and Bonsai Blog  New 07-09-2017

Shimpaku, The Unexpected Surprise by Peter Tea  New 07-09-2017

Taiga Urushibata Bonsai demo by Bonsai Empire New 12-16-2018 Note: Lots of deadwood work on this very large pine tree.

UNTIE THE SLIP KNOT WITH RYAN NEIL by Bonsai Focus  New 01-31-2017

Working on an American Hornbeam with Arthur Joura by John Geanangel    Great discussion about deadwood on a decidous tree.