Giant Japanese maple project by IBC Forum Member  New 04-25-2017 Note: Great post on developing a collected Japanese maple and some innovating ideas on grafting branches to the main trunk.

Selecting the Right Graft

Approach Grafting

Bonsai grafting- scion technique by Capital Bonsai  New 12-11-2016

Bud Grafting

Chip Grafting

Cleft Graft

Ficus Grafting

General Bonsai Grafting Information

Graft Rootstocks and Scions

Grafting by Ryan Neil

Grape Grafting

Japanese apricot trees (Prunus mume)

Juniper Grafting

Ogon cleft graft

Pine Trees

Root Grafting

Scion Technique

Selecting The Right Graft

Thread Grafting

Whip & Tongue Grafting


Ryan Neil on grafting  by Aarin Packard  New 11-08-2016

Taiga Urushibata’s Bonsai demo by Bonsai Empire  New 12-16-2016  Note: This is a very large pine tree and Taiga decides it needs to be grafted before he starts work. Watch how grafts the big branches in the first part of the video.