The following links are a good source of how and when to re-pot your bonsai trees. Please keep in mind that the proper time to re-pot a Bonsai depends on where in the country you live. It is always best to contact your local Bonsai club for advice on the proper time to re-pot your trees.

Apple Tree Bonsai, April 2015 by Nigel Saunders

Azalea Re-potting Summer 08 part 1, part 2 John Geanangel

Bill Valavanis: Repotting Begins! This is a great article by Bill on how when and what to do when re-potting a Bonsai.

Confusion Over Fall Repotting-  by crataegus Bonsai  New 11-22-2016

Fall Repotting  by Brent Wison

Graham’s Guide to Repotting Bonsai by Graham Potter  New 11-1-2016   Great in-depth article on the importance of re-potting!!

How to Repot Bonsai Trees – The Basics Video by Graham Potter

Literati Prunus Spinosa ‘Fifty’ final potting from Duffet to Albright  by Tony Tickle  New 10/07/2016

Maple Bonsai repotting. Long version because we explain how to repot. by Bonsai & Killifish from Japan  New 01-14-2018

Repotting a Beast! (Japanese Black Pine)  by Peter Tea

“Repotting” a Rock Planting by John Geanange

Scots Pine Yamadori Goes Into It’s First Pot by Graham Potter  New 12-05-2016