Bending Techniques

Bay Island Bonsai:  Heavy Bending in Bonsai Intensive

Bill Valavanis: Valavanis styles a Maple bonsai using a Pine bonsai technique! 

Bjorn Bjorholm:  Scots Pine @ Bonsai Sense   New 11-22-2016 Note: Notice the way they attached a piece of rebar to the side of the wooden growing box to act as an anchor for pully wires. Watch how they used this bar to move branches. There are other good tips on bending large branches to.

Bonsai Blog: Seok Ju Kim’s demo at Noelanders Trophy   Watch how the artist bends very large branches with a come along strap over several hours.

Bonsai Focus: UNTIE THE SLIP KNOT WITH RYAN NEIL  New 01-31-2017

Bonsai Otaku – Rocky Mountain Juniper: No Guts No Glory Article on bending Juniper branch with deadwood.

Bonsai4me:  Bending ‘Thick’ or Brittle Bonsai Branches Part 1, Part 2

Bonsaibp’s Bonsai Blog: Rebar for bonsai?

Bonsai Empire: Juan Andrade’s Bonsai demo at WBC  New 05-09-2017  Note: Notice how the artist anchored the tree to the turntable to keep it from moving. Also notice how he used a branch bender on the tree. Great instructional video.

Bonsai Empire: Bonsai demo by Mitsuo Matsuda  New 05-09-2017  Note: Notice the use of a “cum-along” to help bend the largest branch downward. Also notice the use of “rebar” to help bend branches with the use of a pully. This is a great video to learn how to bend large branches.

BonsaiSallskapet: Basic Wiring Technique New 12-15-2016

Bonsai Strom: *** fat bottomed girl ***  New 11-22-2017 Notice use of zip ties and metal bar to reposition the apex of tree.

Bonsai Tonight: Big Bend  Article on bending large branches and the use of 2 linked jacks to bend branch.

Branch Bender Blog – RMBS Artist Todd Schlafer –  Limber Pine Branch and trunk bending techniques

Craig Coussins: Heavy Bending Article on Chamaecyparis/ Hinoki Cypress

Crataegus Bonsai by Artist Michael Hagedorn: – Beware Bending that Branch Article

Dan Robinson: Gnarly bonsai wiring with Dan Robinson part 3

Dan Robinson: Gnarly bonsai wiring cont. by Dan Robinson pt 4

Dan Robinson: Bending large branch and separating live vein from Cedar.

El Tim at Generation Bonsai (Demo 2) by Bonsai Empire  New11-06-2016  This is a great video on how to use a very large galvanized pipe and rebar at the same time to move a very large branch upwards with a spiral movement to it. Notice how the artist anchors the pipe. Also notice the use of burlap in conjunction with raphia. They also placed a short piece of heavy copper wire on top of a branch to be used later to pull the branch up. A great idea!

Francois Gau: raphia1, raphia 2, raphia 3, raphia 5, raphia 6, rapfia 7, raphia 8 , Wire/Bending/Branch Placement  Nice set of video’s showing  you how Raphia and wire are applied and used.

Francois Gau:  pin sylvestre 1er partie, part 2, part 3, part 4, Part 5 New 12-14-2017  Note: Notice how the branch is wired in this video, the wire is not wrapped around the branch like you normally would. The artist is also using a branch bender which is good to see how to use one.

Graham Potter: Bending Techniques on Scott’s Pine Video

Graham Potter: Bonsai Tree Styling – Yamadori Spruce BonsaNew 12-05-2016

Graham Potter: Bonsai Tree Styling Scots Pine – Heavy Duty! Video  New 12-04-2016 Note: Notice the use of a spacer on the tree and how the tree is anchored to the pot to prevent movement while wiring and bending the large branches.

Graham Potter: Bonsai Wiring Part 2-The Burning Question

Graham Potter: Copy of Bonsai Wiring – Not For Dummies  New 08-10-2017

Hans Karamotto: The Story of “The Elephant” Bonsai Part I. By Hans van Meer.  New 07-31-2017

Kenneth Moore: Branch Bender Video

Marcus Watts IBC Member: Juniper Rigida – turning a branch into a trunk

Max IBC Member: Mighty mugo

Nigel Saunders: Wiring Very small Bonsai branches, Nov 2015  New 07-08-2017

Orlando Bonsai:  Bending large branches with Raffia Video

Orlando Bonsai: How to Bonsai – Basic Wiring Technique

Peter Tea: Lets Bend Part1, Part 2, Part 3

Peter Tea: Pushing the Limit

Peter Tea: Rebar Basic on Black Pine Great article by Peter showing you how to bend a trunk using rebar.

Peter Warren Introduction to Wiring Part 1, Part 2 by Bonsaibasho Online Community

Pruning and wiring by Masahiko Kimura Part1Part 2Part 3Part 4  Updated 02-14-2018

Ryan Neil – Workshop Bending Video

Ryan Neil  – Ryan Neil Workshop Bending Techniques 

Suthin Sukosolvisit – Juniper 4

Walter Pall: Walter and Alex bend very old trunk of mugo pine

Walter Pall: What to do with a straight black pine?

Welcome Bonsai Lovers: BonsaiArtisans- John Wang Bunjin Bonsai Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3  Great video’s on wiring and bending branches as well as Bunjin styling.

Will Baddeley:  Bonsai Artist – Demonstration – Styling Two Scots Pines – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  New 12-02-2016  Note: Notice the use of Raffia, Pulley’s, Rebar and Turnbuckles all used at the same time! Great video on learning to use these tools to make bending large branches easier.