Pinus ponderosa     

RMBS Ponderosa Pine Logo Tree, designed by original club member Bob Kataoka: New 01-01-2018

Most of the following Ponderosa Pine trees belong to RMBS members or the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Common Names: Ponderosa Pine, Bull Pine, Blackjack Pine, or Western Yellow Pine

Books: Local RMBS Bonsai Master Larry Jackel has authored a fantasic book on Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai. Credit: Stone Lantern “Larry Jackel focuses on one of the most beautiful and dramatic bonsai trees in North America, the Poderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa). Ponderosas are rugged, handsome trees that are easily distinguished by their thick plated orangish bark. Old colleced Ponderosas pine bonsai are prized by bonsai artists.”

Botanical & Ecological Characteristics:

Colorado State University: Colorado Forest Types – Ponderosa Pine, Colorado’s Major Tree Species,

Colorado State University: Pinon “Pitch Mass” Borer  Note: This borer may affect Ponderosa Pine trees.

Colorado State University: Zimmerman Pine Moth Note: Damage may look like Colorado Pine Beatle

CP-LUHNA: Biotic Communities of the Colorado Plateau – Ponderosa Pine Forest

Fred Bentler: Ponderosa Pine Trees

National Park Service: Ponderosa Pine

The Gymnosperm Database: Pinus Ponderosa

United States Department of Agriculture:  Tree Profile, State Distribution, Colorado County Distribution & Identification and Ecology of Old Ponderosa Pine Trees in the Colorado Front Range

Utah State University: Ponderosa Pine

Wikipedia: Tree Profile

Bonsai Information:

Bonsai Study Group:  Ponderosa Tips from Walter Pall

Colorado State University: Mountain Pine Beetle

Pikes Peak Bonsai Society: Ponderosa Pine

The Way Of Bonsai: Redesigning A Ponderosa Pine

Walter Pall:  Growing Ponderosa in Europe (or on the East Coast) & Ponderosa treatment

Finished Trees:

Art of Bonsai: Several Finished Tree’s, Andy Smith Tree, Art of Bonsai 1  Green link = New item: 11-23-2016

Bonsai4me:  Finished Tree

Bonsai Bark: 2 Finished Trees

Bonsai Study Group – Artist Walter Pall:  Tree I, Tree II, Tree III

Artist Dan Robinson: Finished Tree

National Bonsai Foundation: Repotting the Huge Ponderosa Pine Bonsai

   Walter Pall: Finished Tree

White Bear Bonsai: Ponderosa Tree & 2nd Tree

Progression Trees:

Bonsai Study Group – Artist John Kirby:  Ponderosa Pine Tree, Ponderosa Pine Tree II, Ponderosa Pine III

Bonsai Study Group – Artist Dano:  Ponderosa Pine Adjusting In The South Good tips on growing Ponderosa’s in the southern states.

Crataegus Bonsai – A bunjin Ponderosa pine gets a new look

Large Massive Unique Trunk – Pinus Ponderosa Pine Bonsai by RMBS Member New 07-19-2017

Walter Pall: Ponderosa Pine Semi-Cascade Sequence, Ponderosa Tree #1, Ponderosa Tree #2, Ponderosa Tree #3, Shohin, Elegant Ponderosa #2,

Walter Pall: More of Walter’s Ponderosa Trees can be found Here! Enter Ponderosa in the search box.


Nebraska Forest Service: Nebraska State Champ Ponderosa Pine

Of Bonsai Magazine –  “international Bonsai Mirai”  Master Artist Ryan Neil: Ponderosa Pine Demo Midwest Bonsai Society 2011 #1Ponderosa Pine Demo Midwest Bonsai Society 2011 #2, Ryan Neil Ponderosa Pine Demo Midwest Bonsai Society 2011 #3

Of Bonsai Magazine –   Steve Jetzer:  Ponderosa Pine Demo Midwest Bonsai Show August 2012 Part One & Ponderosa Pine Demo Midwest Bonsai Show August 2012 Part Two

Ponderosa Pine Timelapse by Bonsai Mirai  New 07-05-2017

You Tube – bowerman939:  Mature Natural Setting Ponderosa Tree in Winter

You Tube – Sara Jane Welch: Large Ponderosa Pine