The following large massive trunk Ponderosa Pine was taken to the Bjorn Bjorholm workshop held in Denver, Colorado on 07-15-2017. This tree is very unique for a couple of reasons. The bark on this tree is just incredible layered and very thick and is the main feature of the tree. The size and shape of the trunk is also another main feature of the tree.

The tree only had 3 branches and was collected from a cliff somewhere in Colorado. The tree did have a good sized piece of red granite embedded in the lower trunk. Most of the granite has now fallen off and a little of it is still there.

The decision was made to eliminate the top branch and jin it. The next branch to go was the lowest branch in the tree. This branch split into 2 branches and one was cut off and the other was left to help keep the tree healthy. This branch will be taken off probably in 2018.

That left the backbranch which has a nice zig-zag pattern to. Rafia was applied to this branch and it was then wired with two strands on #6 copper wire. The branch was then pulled, pullied and move into position by Bjorn. The rest of the branches were wired and Bjorn continued to position this large branch on the tree is several stages allowing the branch to get used to be bent is a severe fashion. The tree was finally finished near the end of the day. Bjorn did a great of instructing us on bending large branches. It was also great to see in person how to make these severe bends in a large branch. This was a great learning experience!!!

The needles on the tree need to be reduced and of course it will need a Bonsai pot. Bjorn recommended a rectangle with a lip and indentations in the corners of the pot.  He also said the pot should a panel on each side of the pot and it would look best in a gray pot.

Now the owner of tree just has to find one of these pots!!

Here is a gallery of the tree on 07-15-2019: