I purchased a small Chaenomeles ‘Kurokoji’ from one of my favorite Internet Ebay sellers with the thought of creating a tree with more of an artistic style (flowers) to it then a traditional style. I just potted it up in a nice dark blue Japanese rectangle pot. I will style it in an artistic style after it recovers from its re-potting.

The following description is from Evergreen Gardenworks which is a really great place to order trees from.

“Chaenomeles ‘Kurokoji’ A stiff upright plant to about 6 feet with the deepest red single flowers we have ever seen. The texture of the petals reminds one of red velvet. Needs some protection from afternoon sun in hottest driest locations. This quince does open flowers later, just before, or at the same time as leaf bud break. This cultivar suckers more than most quinces making a specimen bonsai difficult, but the intense flowers make excellent accent plants.”

I agree with Brent at Evergreens, this tree does need shade protection in the summer where it is hot. I did have trouble keeping it from wilting during the hottest part of the summer. This summer it will be relocated to semi-shaded area of the yard.

I think this is going to be a great Bonsai tree in a few years from now. I will continue to update its progress.

Chaenomeles sp. by BCI

CHAENOMELES ‘Kurokoji’ by Learn 2 Grow

Kurokoji Ornamental Quince by Louis the Geek

Winter Delights in the Garden: Flowers by Pacific Horticulture

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