Many years ago I found several nice sized quince at the Longmont Tree Farm and brought them home. Disaster struck a few of them and they died. One of my favorites took a direct hit on the main trunk by a very large hail stone, the tree died latter!! I waited to long one year to move a couple out the shaded spot on the north side of the garage and into the sun, they died as well. I did manage to save one of my original quince and it continues to grow well. It is a Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Falconnet Charlet‘ a very beautiful light salmon colored one. This tree has a pretty good sized trunk on it and it seems to grow every which way and I was not sure to do with it. I finally decided to leave it as is. It will never be a traditionally shaped Bonsai, but who cares. It continues to ramify and I like it. I wired the tree last year and it spent the winter under a bench outside. It started blooming several weeks ago and is still blooming.

The tree is pretty large and starting to shape up really well. I will continue to update the tree as it progresses.