I have always been attracted to Forsythia bushes when they are blooming. Most of the time when I see them are a multi-stemmed shrub arising from the ground and arching over. They also seem to be brittle and the branches somewhat hollow even on living branches. The yellow colors come in several different shades and all are lovely. Finding a Forsythia with a big nice interesting trunk is pretty tough. The only Forsythia in my area are the ones in nurseries. So every spring I go out looking for one before they leaf out. Its a great way to search nursery stock to see if there is one with a great trunk with out leaves getting in the way. I have now found 4 nice looking all different Forsythia bushes that are going to make a great smaller Bonsai.

My first nursery Forsythia bonsai is a multi-trunked that is under development for about 5 years. It has nice small leaves now and beautiful flowers. The tree is ready to start to reduce the root ball in preparation  for a Bonsai pot. Right now 03-10-2017 it is hibernating outside under a Bonsai bench.

My second nursery Forsythia Bonsai is a weeping style complete with deadwood. It of course has yellow flowers and is already in a Bonsai pot. It is wintering 03-10-2017 in the garage and starting to pop flower buds. It is in a dark blue Chuck Iker pot and is getting better every year now.

My third nursery Forsythia will be a semi-cascade exposed root Bonsai.  As with the others it has yellow flower. This tree is still in development and has been wired and styled. I have not yet decided on how much of the roots should I exposed.

My fourth nursery Forsythia x intermedia ‘Spring Glory’ is a single trunk specimen I just found from one of my favorite Nurseries, Nicks Garden Center, in Aurora. I am going to make a separate page for this tree so we can follow its development as a Bonsai.

I am also going to make separate page for the other 3 trees I have.

On a side note I do have a Pink Forsythia and it has the sweetest smelling flowers that smell like heaven. Technically it is not a Forsythia – Abeliophyllum distichum ‘Roseum’ but it looks like one and is sold as Pink Forsythia. I have chopped it back last fall and it should bud out and I can start work on its ramification. It is wintering outside under a bench. I would highly recommend this shrub for Bonsai. My tree has nice old looking bark already.

Common Names: Forsythia
Botanical & Ecological Characteristics:

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Bonsai Information:

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Finished Trees:
In Progress:

Forsythia Project by IBC Forum Member  New 03-26-2017

Forsythia “Yellow Giant”  by IBC Forum Member  New 03-26-2017

2017 Forsythia × intermedia ‘Kolgold’ MAGICAL GOLD  New 03-26-2017

Forsythia × intermedia ‘Lynwood ‘  New 03-26-2017

Forsythia x intermedia ‘Spring Glory’  New 03-15-2017