My second Forsythia under development is a “x Intermidea Lynwood” and it is being styled in a weeping style. It was first styled in 2014 as a cascade. The tree decided it wanted to be a weeping tree the following year. I listened to the tree and let it grow as a weeping. The tree keeps getting better as its ramification gets better. The tree has very nice mature warty bark and nice mature deadwood on it. The dead wood on the tree seems to be holding its own and is not decaying here in the dry climate of Colorado. I have not used any lime sulphur on it. This tree was found at Tagawa’s nursery in Parker early in the spring before the bush had flowered or leafed out. Spring is a great time to go tree hunting before they leaf out, good time to spot large trunks!

I will continue to update this tree as it keeps developing.

The tree is planted in a Chuck Iker pot from Iker Pottery. Chuck is one of my favorite if not out right favorite custom Bonsai pot maker.

2014 Photo

2014 Forsythia × intermedia ‘Lynwood ‘