DCF 1.0If your looking for an unusual Bonsai tree, why not try a Sumac, or two, or three of them? Sumac’s make great yard trees in Colorado since they are very hardy. There is even a native variety to Colorado, called a 3 Leaf Sumac or Stink Bush. There is a distinct smell to them when you work on them. Not to worry, it washes right off!

I am trying at least 4 different varieties:

3 Leaf Sumac

Lanham’s Purple

Prairie Fire

Grow Low – The thumbnail on the left above is a Low Grow Sumac.  New 04-13-2017

All four of them are very hardy. Each has its on merits and faults. Grow Low makes for an a very good cascade Bonsai, Prairie Fire has great red fall color, Lanham’s purple has purplish leaves all during the summer, 3 leaf has great fall color. All have nice flowers and smell nice.

I will posting pages for each one of these great Bonsai species.

I am going to start with Lanham’s Purple, see above link.

Bill Valvanis has a great Tiger Eyes sumac on his blog.

Lanhams Purple Bonsai Show:  New 09-10-2017

Rhus copallina ‘Lanham’s Purple’ 9-8-2017

Internet Gallery:  New 04-20-2017

Photo courtesy of Pinterest