This is a great species of Sumac. It has great purplish colored leaves when it is direct sunlight. It does turn green when it is shade. The compound leaves are somewhat of a problem, but if the tree is designed correctly it should be ok. The leaves do not reduce. I am currently developing a sime-formal-Literati style. I found my Lanham’s Purple at the Longmont Tree Farm in Longmont, Colorado.

My tree was quite tall when I bought it and I first thought I would keep it as a very tall Literati style tree. I reduced the root ball last summer and placed it in a Chuck Iker pot. The pot has purplish tones and has a nail head design to it. The tree has great nebari and a powerful trunk with a semi-formal shape. The main trunk does have a good deal of movement to it. I decided in the fall to chop the tree back and make into a much smaller tree. I left around 3 inches of trunk above the one remaining branch. The tree is budding out now in the spring of 2017 and the 3 inch stubs is popping buds right now. I was going to create a jin out of the stub, but have decided to let the buds develop and see what I get. The tree does have one jin on it, a nice sized jin in comparison to the main trunk of the tree. I may shorten it in the future?

This is going to be a great tree. Right now it needs some root pruning on the surface roots.

The tree was in the last stage of it blooming when it was entered in the local Bonsai show. You can see the blooms in the photos below. The color of the blooms was a nice maroon color and the tree is just now starting to turn on its fall colors.  New 09-10-2017

2017 RMBS SHOWNew 09-10-2017
I have taken new photos of the tree completely leafed out with 2 new branches on the tree. The tree is just about to ready to flower and the leaves around the flower buds have turned a very nice purple color. Up until now the leaves looked like a normal green Smooth Sumac. It looks the flowers cause the leaves to turn purple!! Hence its name!!
Tree 08-12-2017 Gallery:
Tree 04-10-17 Gallery: