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Abbonsaitables: Ebay Store – Traditional & Root Stands

Allgoods_store: Ebay Store – Small Shohin Stands

Antlers Express:  Ebay Store – Maple Burl Slabs

Apollo288: Ebay Store – Asian Various Styles Stands

Art of the Daiza: Custom Stands

Artisan Bonsai Stands:  Custom Stands

Azwoody17: Ebay Store – Small Accent Stands

allgoods_store: Ebay Store – Small Dark Wood Stands

Azuremore Thin Slabs  Ebay Store

Basically Bonsai: Small – Medium Dark Stands

Be Spoke Bonsai Stands: Custom Root Stands

Bogans Bonsai: Custom & Import Stands

Bonsai Outlet: 7”-21” Imported Stands

Bonsai S Cube: High End Asian Stands

Carolina Adirondack: Custom Stands

Coppercuts: Burl and Manzanita Stands

Dasu Bonsai Studios: Custom Stands

Daveg2025:  Ebay Store UK Custom Slab Stands 

Doug Mudd Bonsai Tables: UK Custom Stands

Eastern Leaf Company: Rosewood Stands & Display Mats

Jim’s Woodworks: Custom Bonsai & TV Stands & Ebay Store

jswoodz:  Ebay Store BuckeyeBurl & Redwood Slabs 

The Lumbershack: Large Site Kiln Dried Slabs and Other Dried Wood

Manzanita Burlworks: Manzanita Burl & Manzanita Small Slabs

Marblevanities: Imported Stands Various Sizes

Mesas de Bonsai: European Custom Stands

Reed’s Woodworking: Custom Stands

roxy342269: Ebay Store – Unfinished Buckeye Burl and Manzanita Slabs

Rustic Wood Source:  Ebay Store Redwood Burl Slabs

Thestoneking: Ebay Store – Rosewood and Natural Stands

Wood Design by Mark: Custom Stands