Please Note: Many of these the sites listed below are full service Bonsai vendors and others are retail nurseries where you may find suitable nursery stock that could be trained for Bonsai.  

Article Please Read: Yamadori/Collected Trees Warning on Ebay

Adam’s Bonsai: Specialty Pre-Bonsai Plants

Arrow Head Alpines: Pre-Bonsai Various Species Many of the conifers on this site were discovered by RMBS member Jerry Morris.

Atlanta Bonsai Sale: Finished Local Artist Bonsai Tree’s in the Atlanta Area

Backcountry Bonsai – Pre-Bonsai Yamadori from Wyoming  Updated 12-24-2017

Bent Tree Bonsai: Collected Pre-Bonsai & Finished  Blog & Contact

Bjorvala Bonsai Studio: Finished Trees

Bloom River Gardens: Pre-Bonsai

Bonsaien: Imported Japanese White Pines and Azaleas  New 12-06-2017

Bonsai Mirai:  Finished, Pre-Bonsai and Classes New 11-4-2016

Bonsai Northshore:  Specimen Trees – Bald Cypress

Bonsai South:  Specialty Elms and Bald Cypress

Bonsai West: Pre-Bonsai, Finished Bonsai, Specimens

Brussel’s Bonsai: Direct Importer Tropical, Outdoor & Specimen, Beginner to Advanced & Ebay Store

Cass Bonsai Gardens: Pre-Bonsai, Finished Bonsai, Specimens

Cho Bonsai:  Pre-Bonsai Western Yamadori

Colorado Bonsai Vendors  New 10-25-2016

Conifer Kingdom: Pre-Bonsai Conifers & Japanese Maples

Eagleville Bonsai: Finished Bonsai and Pre-Bonsai

Essence of the tree: Pre-Bonsai Conifers & Japanese Maples

Evergreen Gardens: Pre-Bonsai Conifers

Evergreen Gardenworks: Large Site Pre-Bonsai Starter Trees & Plants

Evergreen Plant Nursery: Pre-Bonsai Starters

First Branch Bonsai (Denver): Colorado Collected Pre-Bonsai

Forest Farms: Pre-Bonsai Conifers & Deciduous

Forest Lakes Nursery: Pre-Bonsai Starters

Full Moon Bonsai: Finished Bonsai

Golden Arrow Bonsai: Collected Western Evergreen Pre-Bonsai

Green Thumb Bonsai: Pre-Bonsai Elm, Hornbeam, Juniper, Maples

Greer Gardens: Owners retired business.

Gregory Beach Bonsai: Quality, old imported and domestic specimen trees, bonsai, pre-bonsai

Hollow Creek Bonsai: Finished & Pre-Bonsai Large Selection of Different Species

House of Bonsai: Finished and Pre-Bonsai & Ebay Store

International Bonsai: Finished, Pre-Bonsai, Seedlings

International Bonsai Mirai: Specialty High End Finished & Pre-Bonsai Yamadori – Ships

Jade Gardens: Pre-Bonsai Various Species

Japanese Maples and Evergreens:  Pre-Bonsai and Starter Trees

Jardin Selecto Garden & Bonsai: Puerto Rico Bonsai Note: Trees can be imported from Puerto Rico ok.

Kaede Bonsai: Pre-Bonsai Seedlings

Kens Bonsai World:  Pre & finished Bonsai & Supplies- Ebay Store

Kigi Nursery: Pre-Bonsai, Conifers, Japanese Maples, Gingko

Kimura Bonsai Nursery: Finished Specimen + Pre-Bonsai

Koyama Bonsai Nursery:  Specimen Bonsai

Laporte Avenue Nursery: Pre-Bonsai Specialty Colorado Conifers  Many of the conifers on this site were discovered by RMBS member Jerry Morris.

Las Pilitas Nursery: California Native Species

Lazy S’S Farm: Pre-Bonsai Starter Trees

Lotus Bonsai Nursery & Gardens: Finished Specimen & Stock Plants

Matsu Momiji: Bonsai Trees & Bonsai Field Stock

Mendocino Coast Bonsai: Pre-Bonsai Coastal Redwood, Sierra Junipers, Pygmy Cypress

Mendocino Maples: Pre-Bonsai Japanese Maples

Meehans Miniatures: Miniature Plants, Pre-Bonsai Seedlings

Miami Tropical Bonsai: Specimen, Finished & Pre-Bonsai

Muranaka Bonsai Nursery: Specialty is field grown trees. Ebay – Store

New England Bonsai Gardens: Pre-Bonsai, Shohin, Specimen

New World Bonsai: Pre-Bonsai Ebay Store  New 11-23-2016

OCBonsai: Pre-Bonsai and Specimen

Plant City Bonsai: Finished & Pre-Bonsai

Porterhowse Farms: Pre-Bonsai Conifers

Quality Maples: Japanese Maples 

Rare Flora: Bonsai Starter Trees

Reflections in Water: Pre-Bonsai & Finished Bonsai

Riverbend  Gardens: Pre-Bonsai

River Rock Nursery: Pre-Bonsai Conifers & Deciduous

Sanderson Creek Bonsai: Finished & Pre-Bonsai

Rich’s Fox Willow Pines: Pre-Bonsai, Conifers & Deciduous Trees Multiple Sizes

Sanderson Creek Bonsai: Finished & Pre-Bonsai

San Francisco Area Bonsai Nurseries: 6 Bonsai Sites Listed

Schleys Bonsai: Finished & Pre-Bonsai

Shan Tibithi Bonsai Nursery: Finished & Pre-Bonsai

Shikoku Bonsai: Pre-Bonsai

Soh-Ju-En Satsuki Bonsai: Satsuki Azalea & Japanese White Pines

Suburban Bonsai: Finished Bonsai

Sunbright Farms: Bald cypress pre-Bonsai  Ebay  Bald Cypress Pre-Bonsai 

Tandamiti Bonsai: Specialty Finished & Pre-Bonsai Ficus

Telperion Farms: Pre-Bonsai Conifers

Texas Area Bonsai Vendors: List of Bonsai Vendors in Texas

The Growing Grounds: Field grown pre-bonsai, various species

Timeless Trees Bonsai: Stock & Pre-Bonsai Trees

Tiny Treasures Nursery: Rare Starter Plants

Variegated Foliage Nursery: Variegated & Non-Variegated Trees Pre-Bonsai

Wave Crest Nursery: Pre-Bonsai Conifers & Deciduous

Wee Tree Farm: Note: Business closed for good in Dec. 2016.

Western Evergreen: Wholesale & Retail Mail Order Pre-Bonsai

White Bear Bonsai: Specimen Bonsai

Wigerts Bonsai Nursery: Finished & Pre-Bonsai & Ebay Store


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