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American Bonsai Movement by Walter Pall New 11-2-2016

Wow!!!  New 12-30-2017

How Are You Living?

Wisdom often comes through experience, not formal education.

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Posted by George Takei Presents on Friday, December 29, 2017


Talk about teamwork and good will. New 12-13-2017

Ode to Joy by Beethoven

Are you a bully? Any bullies in your Bonsai Organization? Are bullies driving away good Bonsai club members? Perhaps its time to step up and do something about bullies, I certainly hope so!!! Don’t sit there and be silent!!!  New 06-09-2017


Life is fleeting and so short. Why sow seeds of division in your organization? I have always found that praise, lots of humility and tons of heart felt thank you’s go a long way in building great teamwork and organizations. Here is a good example of it.  New 03-11-2017


Is your local or national Bonsai organization Divided or United??? Are you someone who sows the seeds of Division or Unity in your Bonsai organization?  New 01-29-2017

Division & Unity from ODD NY on Vimeo.

Is your local or national Bonsai organization “Fired up and ready to go”??? Can a single voice make that much difference in an organization for both good and bad? The answer is yes it can, it can either Destroy or Build up an organization. Choose your words carefully before you speak and the foundation of the organization starts to crumble and decay sets in. There are always ramifications for both bad and good things we say, lets concentrate on doing good things! New 01-29-2017

Fired Up from Dan Fipphen on Vimeo.





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  1. I’m interested in the “Pine Manaement Theory” written by Greg Cloyd. There a total of 13 well written/detail orientated articles covering various Pinus trees. Someboy can to send me the articles? Any link to download in pdf?

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