Colorado Bonsai – The Story of “The Elephant” Bonsai Part I. By Hans van Meer.

Here is a great video full of wiring and bending tips on Bonsai. It shows it as part 1, but I have not been able to find a part 2. I have posted this great video under Wiring and Bending … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Nursery Stock Series Pt. 1

Bonsai Mirai has a new video (Nursery Stock Series Pt. 1) on using nursery stock for Bonsai. There are a lot of good tips and I have posted the video the Nursery Material page under Bonsai Basics. … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Ethics! Do it right or don’t do it at all!

Here is a great article on the ethics of collecting yamadori/trees from Backcountry Bonsai. It is very well written and I agree with them. I have posted it in Collecting Trees under Bonsai Basics. Photo below courtesy of Backcountry Bonsai. … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Pinus Contorta – Lodgepole Pine Bonsai

Here is a very nice Pinus Contorta – Lodgeple Pine that was brought to Bjorn Bjorholm workshop held in Denver, Colorado on 07-15-2017. I have added it to the Pinus Contorta page under Pine Trees. Bjorn and Steve did a … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Large Massive Unique Trunk – Pinus Ponderosa Pine Bonsai

I have made a new page of a very large and unusual trunked Ponderosa Pine Bonsai that was brought to the Bjorn Bjorholm workshop held in Denver, Colorado on 07-15-2017. The size and unusual shape of the trunk is really … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Bjorn Bjorholm – Denver Workshop Gallery 7-15-2017

Bjorn Bjorholm was in Denver, Colorado to conduct a workshop on 07-15-2017 and he did a great job with a lot of different trees. I made a gallery of these trees and uploaded it to Bjorn’s page under Bonsai Masters. … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – How to Create a large Bonsai Rock Planting

Here is a nice by Bonsai Lovers on “How to Create a large Bonsai Rock Planting”. Very detailed video with lots of good information posted under Bonsai Basics, Styling/Design and Stone or Rock. … Continue reading →