My mission is to help the novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced Bonsai artists to advance their skill sets by providing useful, informative, current and educational articles, videos or links to various other web sites about the art of Bonsai and Suiseki viewing stones.

It is also my mission to help the public find where to purchase Bonsai/Suiseki supplies, pots, stands and trees. I have listed businesses in the vendor section that provide items from the low end to the high end of the price scale. I do not receive any compensation from any of these vendors.

The best advice I can give is to join a local Bonsai club to learn how to take care of Bonsai trees for the area in which you live. Advice on how to winter trees in Colorado may not do a person much good when they live in Florida.

Information on this web site is intended to be free and can be found by using any of the search engines. It is my hope that this web site will be a source of information presented in an easy to use and friendly manner for all Bonsai artists and Suiseki lovers. Information such as beginning Bonsai, Bonsai trees, Bonsai blog, Bonsai instructions, Bonsai information, how to make a Bonsai tree, how to style a Bonsai tree, care for a Bonsai tree, collecting Bonsai trees, Bonsai diseases, Bonsai pests, Bonsai watering, Bonsai winter storage, displaying your Bonsai tree, Bonsai ramification, Bonsai tools, Bonsai trunk development,  Bonsai rules, Bonsai roots, Bonsai reverse taper, Bonsai monthly basics, Bonsai lighting, Bonsai Muck etc, “Colorado Bonsai”.