I have a new way to save Bonsai videos to your personal computer or mac. The download web site is called “KEEPIVD” and it works pretty good for downloading videos. You have two options to download as a video or music mp3 file. This new method is much easier to use then any of the older methods. Basically you just copy and paste the URL into the search box and hit download button. Please note: This process will not save videos from the Bonsai Mirai website, you must subscribe to their service to view them. You may how ever save Bonsai Mirai YouTube videos.

Lets try downloading a video together. Here is the url to paste into the search box (LARGE RED CIRCLE), then hit (DOWNLOAD – MIDSIZE RED CIRCLE) for KEEPVID, : https:////www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTyuT3WkrEE (NOTE: please remove 2 of the extra “/” from the url after pasting. Click on photo’s to open them up a new window so you can see the information better!!!

After hitting the Download button, a new window will appear offering you a couple of different options to choose from:

Option one is download as a Video with different settings on the quality of the video, I would choose the highest quality option, which is indicated by the (Large Red Circle).

Option two is download a MP3 music file which can be used on a disc or other means of playing on some type of music player, which is the indicated by the (Medium Red Circle).

After selecting one of these two options, you will notice that the Blue download arrow (Small Red Circle upper right side of screen) will show type of action on it. This indicates that the video has been downloaded to your Download page on your hard drive. You may now click the Blue download arrow and a new small window will appear. You can then click on the little dark icon to the right of the video and a new file page will open and your just downloaded video will be highlighted for you. You can then move the new file to a different folder.

Some times the KEEPVID program will not be able to download a video as high quality and you will be asked to (Copy and Paste) the name of the video into a new pop up box. The web site will now ask to you (Right Click) on the next highest quality button and hit (Save As) which will pop open a new window where you will copy and paste the name of the video. You will then hit save and the video will be saved to your Download page just as the high quality video was.

Page showing where to change/paste the new file name.

If you would like to edit a video or mp3 file to remove excess material, you can download a copy of Apple’s “Quicktime” player. You should be able to find a free no frills version of it. Its pretty easy to use once you figure that there is a slide bar on the video after you launch it. Be sure to use the drop down menu at the top to select “Trim” file option. Move bottom bar to where you want to end (trim) the video and then close the video. You will be then prompted to save the “Trimmed” video, save it to a folder and your done. Be sure to change the name just in case you made a mistake and do not want to overwrite the original file.