Suiseki & Viewing Stone Information, Galleries and Vendors

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Suiseki Blog:

Capital Bonsai: Suiseki Information & Galleries

Nippon Suiseki Association: Organization for all lovers and enthusiasts of suiseki

Sam & KJ’s Suiseki Blog: Suiseki, Pots, Stands & Bonsai Information

Suiseki Art: Suiseki Art by Mas Nakajima & Janet Roth

Viewing Stone Appreciation: Facebook Stone Lovers Group

Suiseki Information:

2017 5th Upstate New York Suiseki Exhibit by Bill Valavanis  New 10-27-2017

Blue River Bonsai Blog: Appreciating Viewing Stones (suiseki)  New 12-11-2016

Boris Popov: Begin Japanology – Rock and Stone Video

Capital Bonsai Blog: personal bonsai blog of Aarin Packard, Assistant Curator of the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

IBC Forum: Blast from past– Ei/Nagase Charts on Ornamental Rocks (Japanese stone appreciation)

Minnesota Bonsai Society: Carving Diaza by Bud Hostetler

Felix Rivera Suiseki: Suiseki Aesthetics, Evaluation Classic ,Aesthetic Standards

National Bonsai Foundation: Viewing Stone Collection


Suiseki.Com: General Information about Suiseki

Suiseki Art by Mas Nakajima & Janet Roth: Creating Suiseki Daiza – Cut stones

Suiseki Stones: Tips for Suiseki Collectors

Typology of Japanese Suiseki stones

Suiseki Shows:

2017 5th Upstate New York Suiseki Exhibit by Bill Valvanis  New 01-15-2018

Suiseki Galleries:, Craig Coussins, Bob McKenzie, Chiara Padrini, Daniel Yow, Rafael Monje Garcia, Franz Hinterreiter, Personal Gallery of Ken McLeod, Capital Bonsai, California Aiseki Kai 22nd Annual Show, Petrove Suiseki, Suiseki Aicon, Bonsai Empire, Felix Rivera Suiseki, Nippon Suiseki Association & Bonsai S Cube The Era of Oriental Influence, Qseki, Kemin Hu – Scholar’s Rock Galleries

Suiseki Videos:

2017 World Bonsai Convention Walkthrough by Bonsai Mirai  New 06-08-2017

AMAZING SUISEKI EXHIBITION JAPAN 2017 by Apollodor Channel  New 06-27-2017

Bonsai Lovers must see!/Do you know SUISEKI STONE? by The Bonsai  New 06-23-2017

Suiseki, Japanese viewing stones by Bonsai Empire  New 04-30-2017

SUISEKI White stones from Vis, Croatia by Adrian Horvat  New 06-23-2017

Suiseki and Viewing Stone Vendors:

Art Of The Daizi: Stones & Daizi Maker

Bolder Boulders Ebay Store

Custom Oriental Wood-craft – Sean Smith : Suiseki

Bonsai S Cube: Suiseki

Suiseki Stones – Ken McCloud: Stones for Sale, Information & Stone Galleries

The Stone King:  Ebay Store

Viewing Stone Association of North America (VSANA): This web site was developed in response to the growing interest in Asian and, especially, Chinese stone appreciation among English speaking audiences.