Colorado Bonsai – Colorful Long-Term Bonsai Projects-

Here is a wonderful article by Michael Hagedorn from Crataegus Bonsai on Chaenomeles ‘Chojubai‘ Quince bonsai. It is nice to see some fine examples of this type of Quince in the USA. I have created a new page under Chaenomeles, which is … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Juniper Jin and Pine Jin- by International Bonsai Master Michael Hagedorn

Here is a nice article with high quality photo’s on the differences on Pine and Juniper jin. I took a workshop from Michael and this is exactly what he was teaching during the class. I have posted the article on … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Bjorn Bjorholm Rafia demo

This is a very nice and high quality video of International Bonsai Master Bjorn Bjorholm giving a demo on how to apply Rafia on what looks like a Pinus Sylvestris. He gives lots of good tips and there are close … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – How to rid bees of mites fast easy cheap 100% mite kill please share this

I found another great video by Barnyard Bees about mite control in Bee hives. I think this approach would work great on our Bonsai trees as well. It looks very interesting to me. They say its about 100% effective in … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Yellow jacket trap best homemade easy to build

I found a really great video on how to kill Yellow Jackets. I have lots of Yellow Jackets around my house, but nothing like the ones in this video. I think a small design would work best at my place. … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Bjorn Bjorholm Bonsai demo – Juniper

Bonsai Empire video of International Bonsai Master Bjorn Bjorholm styling a very nice Juniper at Noelander 2018 show. I have posted the video on the Juniper page, under Conifers and Tree Information pages. It may also be found under Bjorn … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – NOELANDERS TROPHY 2018 by Bjorn Bjorholm

Nice video by International Bonsai Master Bjorn Bjorhom‘s visit to the 2018 Noelanders show in Europe. Bjorn also did a demo on a very nice Juniper which is also included in the this video. Bjorn is an excellent instructor for … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Bjorn Bjorholm creates a Scots Pine Bonsai

International Bonsai Master Bjorn Bjorholm styles a very large Scots Pine. Its a great tree and Bjorn creates a master piece for us to enjoy. I have posted the video in the Scots Pine page under Pines and Conifers. … Continue reading →