Colorado Bonsai – Bonsai Pot Making

I have added a new page(s) about how to make Bonsai Pots, shown under Bonsai Basics. Most of the information is in the form of videos by some the leading Bonsai potters in the world. There are 2 extremely good … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Rocky Mountain Bonsai 2017 Society Show & Sale

Here is a nice video of the Denver Botanic Garden’s Bonsai Pavillion narrated by International Bonsai Master Larry Jackel. I have posted the video under Larry Jackel’s bio under Bonsai Masters Artists as shown in Bonsai Basics. Larry is available … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Peter Warren styles a Mugo Pine Bonsai

Bonsai Empire made a nice video of International Bonsai Master Peter Warren styling a yamadori a Mugo pine. Peter does a nice job explaining which branches to remove and why. It is interesting he did not remove all of the … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Juniper Bonsai demo by David Benavente

Nice video by Bonsai Empire featuring David Benavente styling a yamadori juniper. David does a good job of splitting the live vein in two, moving one down and the other up. I have posted the video on the Junipers page, … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Hwa Fong Bonsai exhibition 2017

Wow another great video from Bonsai Empire. The trees are really great, but it was the pots that I liked best. So many great pots to drool over and I doubt I could afford any of them. Well I can … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Ancient Trees Portraits of Time

I found a couple of neat books by Beth Boon on “Ancient Trees Portraits of Time”. She has a few small galleries of the trees online. Really great, very old trees, now if we could just get them into a … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – European Bonsai; a Juniperus Sabina

Here is another great article form start to finish on Juniperus Sabina. The article is from Bonsai Empire and is a great article European Bonsai; a Juniperus Sabina on how to work on Junipers. I have posted the article under Conifers … Continue reading →