Selecting the proper pot for your Bonsai tree can be confusing when your just starting out in Bonsai. There are numerous rules pertaining to the height of the tree, the color of trunk, does the tree flower, fall color etc. that must be considered in selecting a pot. There are different rules for Conifers and Decidious trees. One of the best sources of information on how to select a pot is from your Local Bonsai Club. You will be able to ask questions and learn from more experienced Bonsai artists. Listed below are some additional online sites that offer excellant advice on selecting the proper pot.

Bonsai-Keramik: Selection of pots for bonsai-growing

Bonsai Pot Selection From a Different Perspective by Chuck Iker of Iker Pottery

Erin’s Bonsai: Choosing the right pot for your Bonsai

Peter Krebs Web Site: Which Pot?


Selecting and trying to match the right color pot for your tree can be difficult. The following web site offers an easy way to compare colors that compliment each other.

Adobe Color CC :  Complementary Colors   If you click on the small camera icon in upper right side of the page, you can actually import one of your tree photo’s into the program. After your done uploading your photo, re-click the same spot where the camera icon was. This will take you back to the screen showing the different color charts using your imported photo. Then you can maneuver around to check out the various color wheels.

Here is an example of someone using a different complementary colors chart to

find the right color pot for a Concord Barberry:   

The dark crimson purple, moss green and peach colors all compliment each other. Note: The peach color in the above example is part of the complimentary colors. The peach color represents the pot.

Here is the finished Bonsai in its new pot :