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Bonsai Information:

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Digging / Planting Boxwood by  Fall is the preferred time to transplant boxwoods – must read article.

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Finished Trees:

, buxus_balearica by Art of Bonsai, Boxwood, Buxus.061909, buxus-sempervirens, Kingsville boxwood, buxus-harlandii-chuhin-img_7267, shohin-lonicera-img_7140, z_111, Buxus harlandii, ryan31,

Progression Trees:

Histoire d’un buis Video by Jérôme Cologne   Notice the heavy wiring  on this Boxwood. Beautiful video of tree from start to finish!

Buxus harlandii 2006 (owner M.Škrabal) by Pavel Slavok 

Buxus harlandii 2006 (owner M.Škrabal) IBC Article by Pavel Slavok


bonsai buxus by Francois Gau

buis by Francois Gau

buxus by Francois Gau

buxus 2010 2015  by  francois gau  New 10-25-2016

mon jardin by Francois Gau  Many mature old gnarley Boxwoods through out the video.

PB040013 by Francois Gau

P1030774.MOV by Francois Gau

P1030891.MOV by Francois Gau

P1050537 by Francois Gau