Lantana make really good Bonsai trees if you can find one with a big trunk. Finding one with a big trunk is hard to do outside of Florida. I do think it is possible to grow a small Lantana up if you can keep it alive over the winter. They do grow well under florescent lights in colder areas of the states. I keep mine directly under a large double t8 florescent light. I use an orchid fertilizer all winter, 1 scoop per gallon of water of this product: RePotMe Fertilizer. I have had the following Lantana since 2009 and have let the branches grow all winter long and pinch the flower buds off all winter long. In the spring the branches have been chopped back. After 7 years I feel the branches are big enough that I do not have to let it grow out any more and will keep it trimmed back this year. Lantana love to be re-potted. If your Lantana is wilting after watering, then you need to do an immediate re-potting session and cut back the branches. It should respond back with new growth.

White Flies are a real problem with Lantana. All my Lantana’s have come down with them except the one shown below. White Flies never seem to bother it for some reason. I have had to use a very strong systemic insecticide to get rid of them.


Lantana Camara 22 years old, in training in Colorado for 7 years.