My third Forsythia is a “x intermedia ‘Kolgold’ Magical Gold” with a very interesting trunk and exposed roots. This tree is being styled as an exposed root semi-cascade tree. The tree is a smaller nursery pot say around a 3 gallon pot and has had the soil reduced at least once. It has been styled for he last 3 years and is growing good in its current pot. A raccoon has restyled the tree a couple of times for me. They tend to climb up on the bench to get to the neighbors trash cans on the other side of the fence. The have flattened and knocked this tree of the bench several times now! I did not take any photo’s of the tree before yesterday. So I am go start its development documentation today. I am not sure if I have any other exposed trees in the collection. I did spot a flowering almond yesterday with a nice big trunk and exposed roots. Going back next month to get it if its still there?!

I will continue to update this tree as it continues to be developed.