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Colorado Local Pot Vendors:  Custom, Chinese, Japanese Pots

Accent On Pots: Custom Pots

Aatelier Bonsai Element by Erik Križovenský:  Custom Cement Pots

Anderson Plastic Pots – Stuewe & Sons  Great place to order Anderson plastic training pots for a reasonable price.

Ashley Keller Art: Canadian Custom Bonsai/Kusamonao/Orchid Pots  New 12-06-2017

Basically Bonsai: Imported Pots

Bent Pine Pottery: Custom Pots  New 01-14-2018

Bens Bonsai Pots: Custom Pots  New 01-01-2018

Bjorvala Bonsai Studio: Antique Pots

Bogan’s Bonsai: Imported, Custom Pots by Various Artists

Bonsai Mart: Ceramic, Chinese and Mica Pots

Bonsajové misky: European Custom Pots  New 12-06-2017

Bonsai Northwest:  Japanese, Korean and Chinese

Bonsai Outlet: Plastic, Commercial, Yixing, Tokoname and Sara Rayner  Netherlands Custom Pots

Bonsai Pottery (China Mist): Custom British Pots

Bonsai Pots by Sergio Onodera: Custom Brazilian Potter

Bonsai Vision: Japanese, Korean and US Custom Pots  Ebay Store  Ebay prices may be higher then web site.

Bryan Albright: Custom European Potter

Byron Myrick-Pottery:  Custom Pots

Cass Bonsai Gardens   Large specialty pots  

Ceramic Studio: Czech Custom Pots

Certre: Italian Custom Pots

Dale Cochoy: Custom Pots    Facebook  New 11-20-2017

Dan Barton: UK Custom Pots

Dallas Bonsai:   Ceramic, Plastic and Tokoname Pots

DaSu: Custom and Import Pots

Doug Trythall Pottery: Custom Pots  New 01-14-2018

drygel: Ebay Seller – Rock Pots

Eagleville Bonsai: Custom Pots – Online Store and Ebay Store

Earthwares: US Custom Pots  Article on Vicki Chamberlain Note: Vicki primarily sells pots in West Coast shows, however she does do custom work when asked to. The pots on her site are examples of her work and she can make similar pots for you.  New 12-03-2016

Erin Bonsai: UK Custom Pots   Video

Essence of the Tree: Mica Pots

European Bonsai Potter Collective’: Custom Pots  New 12-27-2016 Brought to you by Bonsai4me, Some of Europe’s best potters are shown here.

Forest Inn Bonsai: Custom Pots  New 01-14-2018

Graham Ming Pots: European Custom Pots  New 12-27-2016

Greg Ceramics: French Custom Pots

Green Dragon Bonsai: UK Commercial Pots

Green Thumb Bonsai: Mica Pots

H&F Import Bonsai Pots & Supplies Inc: Ceramic Pots Importer

HH Pots: Austria Custom Pots

Holivila Bonsai Pots:  Custom Scandinavian Pots

Hugo Studenik: Custom European Pots  New 10-01-2017

Iker Bonsai Pottery: Custom Pots  abphy   New 03-20-2017 Note: Check out the “abphy” link on Iker pots.

Japanesebonsaipots:  Ebay Seller

Joes Bonsais: Ebay Seller including Sara Rayner Pots

John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics: UK Custom Pots

Jupiter Bonsai: Mica Pots

kaedebonsai-en:  Ebay Store Japanese Pots

Kaizen Bonsai – Graham Potter: Uk – Large Selection

kei1974819: Ebay Seller (Japanese/Tokoname)

Koju-en: Japanese Porcelain Pots

Kristian Holvila-Swedish Potter: Ebay Store Custom Pots

Kusamono Gardens: Custom Pots by Vicki Chamberlain New 12-03-2016

KUSAMONO – GRASBONSAI: European Custom Pots Various Artists

Lang Bonsai Containers: Custom Pots

Legendary Art:  Custom Pots

Lous Bonsai – Japanese, Chinese and Tokoname

Lotus Bonsai Pots: Custom Pots and Figurines  New 01-14-2018

MadeBonsaiPots: Custom Pots  Etsy Store New 01-14-2018

MC2 Pottery: Custom Pots

MB-Bonsaischalen: European Custom Pots

MG-Gar: Polish Custom Pots

Miami Tropical Bonsai: Ceramic and Plastic Pots

Michigander Pots: Man Made Rock Pots

Miniature-Bonsai:  Mame and Shohin Pots

Myric Bonsai Pottery: US Custom Pots

Nature’s Way: Tokoname & Custome Pots

Nitju Clayworks: US Custom Pots

Nordic Bonsai Center: European Custom Pot Makers  New 12-27-2016

Old Tree Bonsai: Chinese, Japanese and Mica Pots

Peter Krebs: German Custom Pots

Petra Hahn: German Custom Pots

Poterie de Pymoyen:French Custom Pots

Pots for Bonsai: UK Custom Pots

Pottery by Kitoi: US Custom Pots

Pravoslav Dorda: Czech Custom Pots & Current Inventory

River Bends Gardens: Mica Pots

Rockport Pottery: Custom Pots

robertm5747: Custom Pots  New 01-27-2017

Sara Rayner: Custom Pots   Sara Rayner Video by Tony Tickle  New 07-09-2017

Shibui Bonsai: Tokoname Pots

Sperling Keramik: German Custom Pots

Stone Monkey Ceramics: UK Custom Pots

Taiko Earth Pottery: Custom Pots  Closed

Tokoname Bonsai Pots: Pots from the Tokoname area in Japan

tokonamejp: Tokoname Pots Ebay Store

Tony Remmington Bonsai Pots Web Site    Ebay

Walsall Studio Ceramics:  UK Custom Pots

Wee Tree Farm: Ceramic, Plastic, Mica   Note: No longer in business.

Whistling Fish Pottery: Custom Pots  New 01-14-2018

Wild Things Bonsai Studio and Yakimono: Custom Pots    Facebook  New 11-20-2017