Colorado Bonsai – Rhamnus frangula ‘Asplenifolia’- Unusual Species

I found an unusual tree several years ago and it was a Buckthorn with very nice nebari. I bought it and brought it home and have chopped it back once and wired it. The wire was removed several years ago … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Jamesia americana (Cliffbush; Waxflower; Five Petal Cliffbush)

I have added a new Deciduous tree species to the website: Jamesia americana (Cliffbush; Waxflower; Five Petal Cliffbush). The common name is Waxflower and its a Colorado native shrub or small tree. I think this little tree is really going … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – New Friends of Denver Bonsai Pavilion Gallery

I have added a new gallery for the this weeks Friends of the Denver Pavilion workshop. Lots of good photo’s. Several new species of trees showed up at this workshop, plus a couple off good tips for you. There was … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – 2017 Noelander’s Trophy Gallery Page, Kennett Collection & Others

I have added a new gallery page for the 2017 Noelander’s Trophy show under Shows/Museums/Botanic Gardens page. There are some really great trees to study and a nice video to watch by Bonsai Empire. I have also add a nice … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Genista lydia – Lydia Woadwaxen (Common Name: Broom)

I have always liked Broom shrubs where ever I happened to see one. They look so sunny and bright when in bloom. I thought they just might make an excellent Bonsai if you could just find the right tree. Well … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Creating Stands

I have updated the Stands section of Bonsai Basics. There are great videos to watch and some are in foreign languages. I do think you can learn from watching and seeing how the stand is made even though you may … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – “The Kennett Collection”

I have added a new page about Doug Paul’s amazing Bonsai collection called the “The Kennett Collection“. Doug has one of the finest Bonsai collections in the world and he is located in Kennett Square, Pa. Please take some time … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Food for thought

I have added a couple of videos on the Editorial page. Hopefully these will provide some inspirational motivation to some of our local and national Bonsai organizations to not allow organizational politics to divide and tear down the organization. Much … Continue reading →

Colorado Bonsai – Website Improvement

I have made an improvement to the website that makes it easier to see the different categories shown under “Tree Information” on the right sidebar. Each separate entry is now highlighted by a solid blue square. It is much easier … Continue reading →